MDC Consulting Network is a new kind of communications shop with a network of strategists, writers, filmmakers and designers joining together in a commitment to social change. 




| DESIGN | We use human centered design–co-creation with you and your constituencies–to develop change-making brands, content and communications.

Applying our facilitation skills, we surface innovative solutions and strategies. Our creativity and expertise adds to your knowledge and insights, making for a powerful mix.

| CREATE | We prototype a strategy and tactics to achieve your organization's goals. To achieve the desired result, we continually test and tweak identity and brands. 

Content is our medium—we build on the power of narrative to inspire. We craft the story, identify the medium and produce the asset. This is where our creative talents come in. 

| ITERATE | We develop and implement a tailored workplan and methodology to highlight milestones and measure our progress.

Using new technology and analysis, we can adjust nimbly and drive implementation to reach your goals.

| BENEFIT | Read what our clients have to say about us.