A GOOD HIRE | Social cause campaign

In Alameda County, more than one out of every four adults in the country has a criminal record and nearly half of people in prison are serving time for nonviolent offenses. This means that more than 375,000 county residents have records. MDC assisted the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and the National Employment Law Center to move the needle in Alameda County in a campaign aimed at convincing local business to hire more people with convictions or arrests on their records.

Our firm helped develop the campaign plan and we executed the A Good Hire campaign targeting HR professionals and mangers on LinkedIn. The first results were that hundreds of HR managers and professionals shared insights, videos and HR advice on ways to hire and support people with criminal records. 

Smoke Berkeley: This video tells the story of a successful business owner and her employee, a convicted felon. It shows her deep feelings about making this good hire and giving someone a second a chance.


By telling this longer story, rather the usual format of connected snippets, viewers have a more of chance to connect with the protagonist and experience how it feels to make a good hire.

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4 Biz Reasons Not to Run a Background Check—4 Best Practices If You Have To: This blogpost directed at human resources professionals garnered 5x the average engagement rate. It links to the story of Natalya, now an HR professional at a major employer, and is about an erroneous background check costing her the first job she applied to after college at a national bank.