My talking points that didn't make it into this Google video

By Melissa Daar Carvajal

I was pleased to be interviewed by Google for this video on what we can do to make San Francisco a better place. (My quote is at .49.)  What didn’t make it into the video: why tech companies should make a “venture” investment in San Francisco's public schools.

Here are the other talking points:

SF kids would jump through fire rings to work at tech companies like Google. And our local companies would benefit – these kids are culturally diverse, speak scores of languages, and are growing up in the vortex of technology.

Yet, we struggle in San Francisco, school by school, dollar by dollar, to raise money for education basics like library books, computers, and arts classes. Things that would give local kids a running start at reaching their goals.

We have an opportunity here in the Bay Area to show that the tech industry is ready to step up and make serious investment in public school kids. We can show the state and country what we can do in our own hometown.