We are artists, writers, musicians and filmmakers. We are strategists and communication geeks. We are independent creatives that make use of our talents to move social causes. 

We believe in the power of communications to make social change. We see possibilities in the many channels that can spread ideas and change hearts. We recognize that results come from hard work and a strategic and concentrated effort. 

Melissa connects us all.

In 2013, Melissa started inviting us, her eclectic group of friends and colleagues - who are artists, writers and designers – to join her in the service of cause communications, particularly content development and strategy. Some of us are escapees from big agencies – others are artists that have eked out a living to keep creating art.

In 2014, she launched MDC Consulting Network, a new kind of communications shop that gathers together a cast of California creatives and senior managers who come together to bring strategy and content to life and to propel social causes forward.

Social cause communications for your organization. 

Create and execute a CONTENT STRATEGY
using video, written word, visuals, and digital engagement. 

Enhance your IDENTITY
through brand development and design, websites and content.  

Advance a CAMPAIGN
through communications strategy & planning, and multi-sector implementation.

Our approach rests on three cornerstones – strategy, content, and networks. 

Strategy underlies all of our work – we seek to unearth audience emotions as well as ascertain the best ways to engage them. Content is our art – we build on the power of a good story to inspire. Networks are the social assets we use to reach your target audiences. 

Within these three areas, we very consciously implement a workplan and methodology to reach milestones and measure our progress. We use new technology and analysis, adjusting nimbly and driving implementation to reach our common goals.